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Aion Leveling Guide – Great Grinding Spots

If you’ve been playing Aion Online, I’m pretty sure you noticed that there’s grinding to be done, every level, at least after you pass level 25. However, questing is the main leveling method not only in Aion but in many MMOs, and players prefer it to grinding, mostly because by doing quests the game sets […]



Aion Kinah Guide – Top Methods To Make Kinah In Aion Online

Nothing comes cheap in Aion Online, even the usual consumables that you can buy from vendors, teleports or transportation, enchanting kits etc, can burn a hole in your pockets. It’s quite embarrassing when you need to move to a certain location with a group of people, and you lack the cash to get the flyer […]

Aion Abyss Guide – Introduction to PvPvEaion

What is the Abyss? The Abyss is a region of Atreia located between Elysea and Asmodae. This is the nucleus of Aion Online where the PvPvE content takes place. The Abyss is strictly for players over level 25, it’s an unpredictable area as it is the homeland of the Balaur, the NPC faction of the […]

Aion Classes

Aion: Tower of Eternity brings to the MMO world 4 primary classes (also known as archetypes) a player can choose from: Warrior, Scout, Mage and Priest. Each primary class  can select one of two paths after completing the Ascension quest at level 10. Warriors can become Templars or Gladiators, Scouts can be Assassins or Rangers, […]

People Using Aion Leveling and Kinah Guides – Who Are They?

Most players in Aion Online have heard about the various guides created for this game, but only a few of them actually use a guide, to enhance their progress. Some are reticent, some think they don’t need a guide and some never heard about the guides at all. However, there are people who like to […]

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